Sedu versus. Solia Flat irons

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Published: 07th December 2010
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Sedu and Solia hair straighteners are 2 of the very most favorite brand names. They promote many related characteristics, include things like the newest technologies and are best ranked hair straighteners loved by buyers the entire world over. However are there any kind of distinctions? And which is the ideal hair straightener: Sedu or Solia?

Before we review the Solia hair straightener with that of the Sedu hair straightener, we are going to to start with list off some of the major capabilities shared by both. Sedu hair straighteners consist of 2 various plate widths: 1- and 1 inch. Solia hair straighteners consist of four various plate widths however its 1- and 1- inch designs happen to be its most well-liked and as these approximately match up the plate measurements on the Sedu, so we shall review these designs against Sedu.

Both Sedu and Solia hair straightener feature tourmaline plates. If you're likely to purchase a hair straightener you should purchase a model with tourmaline plates. Basically, tourmaline gives off negative ions, that have been shown to lock in dampness into the hair follicle and assist to straighten hair without excessive heat damage. Both Sedu and Solia are American-designed flat irons, though both are really produced in the Far east. Both include 1-year warranties. Both have quick heat-up times of less than 30 seconds.

Both the Sedu and Solia hair straightener include variable settings. Nevertheless, the Solia simply nudges ahead simply because its heat setting ranges from 140F - 450F, whereas the Sedu hair straightener includes a somewhat narrow range: 240F - 410F.

With regards to weight the Sedu is victorious out on the Solia hair straightener. The Sedu 1" tourmaline hair straightener is 0.5lbs whereas the Solia 1 " tourmaline hair straightener weighs in at 1.2lbs. Weight does create a difference simply because when straightening your hair the hair straightener you utilize will start to feel heavier and heavier.

You might not be too keen on exactly what the hair straightener appears like, but if you are, the Solia tourmaline hair straightener looks far much more trendy compared to Sedu. The Solia includes a better, much more contoured style, than does the Sedu.

The above mentioned are minor variations and neither Sedu nor Solia emerge on the top. Nevertheless you will find two further reasons why the Solia Ceramic Ion Hair straightener comes out the obvious winner: the Dynamic Alignment System used by Solia hair straightener and its particular price.

The Dynamic Alignment System used in the Ion ceramic plates of the Solia hair straightener is self-adjusting, which will help to supply perfect contact between hair and plate. Which means that hot spots are prevented that can cause harm to hair. The Dynamic Alignment System also functions as being a pressure equalizer that can help steer clear of any specific pressure points during the straightening process, thereby permitting the Solia hair straightener to work via the hair smoothly without pulling.

There's no staying away from the price differential between a Solia and Sedu hair straightener. A Solia tourmaline hair straightener is about three-quarters the cost of the comparable Sedu hair straightener. Both the Sedu and Solia hair straightener are quality products and are amongst the best flat irons you are able to purchase. But quality flat irons aren't low-cost and also the consumer wants value for cash, so the price difference between the two brands make the Solia Professional Ion Ceramic hair straightener a obvious winner.

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